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Canna-Christmas: 12 Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Connoisseur

by James Han

Enjoying recreational cannabis now and then is one thing, but being a true cannabis connoisseur is a whole other level of knowledge, curiosity, and sophistication. If you know someone who talks about trichomes, knows all about terpenes, and treats the tasting notes of their favorite cannabis like a sommelier would for wine, you may find it difficult to get them a gift that they’ll actually use and love. 

But lucky for you, you found Mistifi. 

Here, we’ll share our 11 favorite sophisticated stoner gifts for the classy cannabis connoisseur, from products you can wrap up in a box to experiences you can share with them.

1. Light-Blocking Glass Storage Jars

Stashing your cannabis in the right jar can have a major impact on the shelf life and quality of your bud. If there’s a cannabis connoisseur in your life who’s still keeping their high-end strains in disposable baggies or cheap plastic canisters that don’t block out light, get them a light-filtering, airtight glass jar or cannabis humidor that shields their precious herb from damage inflicted by visible light rays. (It will still allow UV-A and infrared rays to pass through its opaque ultraviolet glass, since those actually enhance the potency of your cannabis.) 

Infinity Jar is the leading brand that guarantees preservation of dried goods for at least six months, with tests indicating that they might stay good for more than two years. Plus, these jars are scent-proof, spill-proof, heavy-duty, and BPA-free.

Shop now: Infinity Jar 250 ml Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar ($34 at the time of writing)

2. Puff, Pass, and Picnic

Nothing says you get your friend’s sophisticated palette more than a puff-and-pass picnic at your favorite park. When the weather’s warm, invite them for a daytime excursion to a quiet grassy patch and treat them to takeout, a homemade charcuterie board, or snacks like chile mangos and savory falafel packed in glass Tupperware. (Bring along plenty of water, as well as your favorite beverages kept ice-cold in insulated, reusable bottles.) Before you eat, share a few puffs of your Mistifi Over the Rainbow pen to let the triple-blend of uplifting sativa strains settle in and get you feeling a rush of energy, euphoria, and — probably — some good old belly laughs.

3. High-End Water Pipe

Your friend may always have a soft spot for the multicolored glass pipes of their youth, but the adult cannabis connoisseur deserves the best kind of smoking apparatus

Upgrade their current piece with a beautiful, display-worthy glass pipe like the ones manufactured by Heir. With thoughtful flourishes of engineering and design, the Heir Waterpipe features a removable tapered glass chamber, an innovative bowl that prevents spills and clogs, and low-cost replacement parts to make this gorgeous instrument a companion for life.

Shop now: Heir Waterpipe ($260 at the time of writing)

4. Scenic Road Trip

Ditch the regular weekend rotation with your friend and take them on a two-day road trip along the California coast. With stops at sleepy beach towns with breathtaking views, as well as canyons, falls, and passes located all over the Golden State’s sprawl, you’ll have plenty of destinations to choose from wherever you’re located. Surprise your friend by booking a cozy, quaint Airbnb or bringing camping supplies for two in the trunk of your car. Don’t forget the stash, too — whether it’s some high-quality bud or a Mistifi pen to inspire an unforgettable road trip adventure.

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5. Odor-Canceling Stash Bag

Even seasoned enthusiasts may still feel nervous carrying their cannabis out in the open. A trusty odor-canceling stash bag is the perfect gift so your stoner friend can effortlessly transport their herb in style. The Alma stash pouch from Stashlogix features activated carbon fiber fabric and an environmentally friendly odor-blocking fabric coating to seal in any smells, with nine elastic hoops that are perfect for keeping your Mistifi pens secure. Small enough to throw in your duffel or backpack, throw over your shoulder or even turn into a makeshift fanny pack with a belt.

Buy now: Stashlogix Almag Stash Pouch ($39 at the time of writing)

6. Cannabis-Themed Decor and Art

Being a true cannabis connoisseur means infusing cannabis into your everyday life. Whether it’s home decor, small accessories, or even some elevated cannabis-themed art, there is no shortage of ways to make your home a true representation of yourself. So, when thinking of the perfect gift for the cannasseur in your life (or if you’re looking to gift yourself something nice), consider something that can elevate the home and be a long-lasting, and long-loved gift.

For some ideas, check out our round-ups on the best cannabis-themed decor and elevated cannabis art.

7. Infuser for Edibles, Lotions, and More

The most serious cannabis aficionados may have already tried their own at-home experiments with making edibles or oil infusions. If your friend has always wanted to make their own THC brownies or Bundt cakes, consider getting them the MagicalButter Machine. It is a favorite amongst truly curious cannabis consumers for its precise method of infusing large-scale batches of butter, oil, glycerin, and more with your choice of herb. 

It’s not just for edibles, either. You can make lotions and tinctures, too. In the long run, it’s a money-saving (and waste-reducing) option for the perennially passionate connoisseur in your life. (They might return the favor one day too and drop off a batch of homemade goodies.)

Buy now: MB2e MagicalButter Machine ($224.95 at the time of writing)

8. Sound and Light Show

Nothing beats a full-body immersion into sound and light when you’re spinning on a good sativa or enjoying an indica’s floaty relaxation. After a few hits of a Mistifi pen, take your friend to a nearby sound bath at your local yoga or meditation center. If you live in a city, you may be able to find an independent venue like San Francisco’s Audium, which calls itself a “theatre of sound-sculptured space.” Even setting up a hammock in your backyard or lighting a few candles in your darkened living room with a great, cerebral playlist can be a great way to treat your friend to an afternoon or evening of pure unwinding.

9. Elevated Cannabis Reading 

If you have someone in your life that has a passion for reading and cannabis, then gifting will be a breeze this year when you combine their loves and get them a cannabis-related book. There’s a huge library of amazing cannabis books out there, but some match the connoisseur lifestyle better than others. Luckily we’ve already created a round-up of the best books every cannabis lover should have on their bookshelf.

Read here: 8 Best Cannabis Books Every Canna Connoisseur Needs on Their Bookshelf

10. Booze, Sails, and Smoke

Looking for a summer weekend getaway that doesn’t require extensive travel or planning but still lets you escape the bustle of the city? Treat your friend to an afternoon on the water. Rent a boat for the day and bring your favorite snacks, sandwiches, beverages of choice, swim trunks or bathing suits, and cannabis (and lots of sunscreen, obviously) to enjoy in the fresh air and sun.

11. Curated Cannabis

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go when giving gifts. So, if you want to get the perfect gift for the cannabis lover(s) in your life, get them some top-shelf cannabis products. Mistifi offers four remarkable vape pens, all made with the most premium craft cannabis and created with the best extraction and blending technologies. Whether it’s an uplifting sativa blend, relaxing indica blend, balancing CBD blend, or the latest hybrid triple-strain blend, you can’t go wrong. Better yet, package them all together for the ultimate Christmas goodie-bag gift.

And, for those of you in California, Santa has some helpers when it comes to getting cannabis delivered. If you want to stay comfy and cuddled up at home this holiday season, Mistifi now delivers directly to your door within the state of California!

12. Tattoos and Nails

Not all gifts have to come in boxes. If you’re getting a gift for a friend or family member that has an affinity for tattoos, consider scheduling them a session with a high-quality artist. Also, let them know that there’re some pretty sweet and meaningful cannabis-inspired tattoos out there for some inspiration.

If you or your friends aren’t big into permanent body art, also consider scheduling a nice day at the nail salon. And feel free to show theirr nail technician some chic cannabis nail art designs to rock on their fingers.

Have a Happy Canna-Christmas

While everyone loves gifts for Christmas, it’s a holiday that’s about more than unwrapping presents. Adding cannabis to new or existing traditions is a great way to come together between you and your loved ones, and there are plenty of ways to do it (from subtle to full-on canna-Christmas). From adding cannabis to Christmas decorations to giving cannabis stocking stuffers, or even to making a cannabis-infused Christmas feast, adding a little bit of cannabis cheer will certainly make your holidays extra jolly.

Because we love a good, sophisticated soiree here at Mistifi, we have the tips you need to build your perfect stoner Christmas celebration.

  • How to Throw a Weed Party – Throwing a great party is an art form. Check out this article so you can guarantee a sophisticated cannabis Christmas party.
  • Playlists for Your Cannabis Dinner Party – There’s nothing quite like music to set the mood. Check out some of these curated playlists for the perfect cannabis party tunes.
  • Wine and Weed – Wine pairings are a great way to elevate any party. That even applies to a cannabis holiday party. Take a look through this article so you can have the perfect pairing ready to go for your next event.
  • Whiskey and Weed – Not really the wine type? That’s okay, because whiskey is also a great drink pairing when it comes to a cannabis party. Read more in this article if you’re a whiskey and weed lover looking to give your Christmas party a boost.
  • Creative Food Pairings – Food is one of those things that just brings people together. And as you know, food is extra delicious when you’ve had some cannabis. So, run with those facts and create some fun food pairings to elevate your cannabis Christmas party.

(For some more tips and ideas — and even some great recipes — check out our article on Danksgiving.)

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