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Elevate Your Next Weed Party: How To Curate a Sophisticated Cannabis Soiree

by Dan Ketchum

From encouraging euphoric feelings to enhancing sensory experiences, it’s little wonder cannabis has become absolutely emblematic of parties. But there are parties where people happen to smoke weed, and then there’s the curated, sophisticated weed party, with attention to detail in every aspect that rises above your typical all-nighter. For your next party, embrace the luxury of the leaf — and the ongoing renaissance our favorite plant is enjoying — for an elevated experience your guests will never forget. 

Curate the Space

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional party at your apartment, but while we don’t mean to be weed party gatekeepers, we’re aiming for as luxe as possible here. Consider looking outside of your own space. 

At a glance, sites like Peerspace offer hourly rentals of venues like multilevel decks overlooking the horizon, rustic gardens with 360-degree canyon views, Beverly Hills spreads with outdoor fireplaces and hot tubs and even secluded glamping yurts among mountain peaks and waterfalls — and that’s just in the Los Angeles area alone. A once-in-a-lifetime space can elevate your party from a good time to an iconic night. 

Make the Cannabis Personal 

Rather than passing a joint or breaking out that college bong (again), think of cannabis — the foundation of the event — as a sophisticated, personalized party favor. Stay away from edibles, which come with too many personal variables to create a guaranteed good time for a party’s worth of individuals. Instead, provide each guest with a personal vape pen. 

Mistifi’s vapes each blend three flowers to create a “super-entourage” effect that goes beyond full spectrum. Paired with the aesthetics of the sandalwood mouthpiece and inscribed metallic barrel, blends like the uplifting Over the Rainbow sativa and balancing Phantom are ideal for heightening the party experience. For an even more luxurious touch, present each pen in a leather case or handmade wooden vape holder.

Provide Sensory Experiences With Sound…

Look, we don’t have to tell you that it’s not a party without music. As McGill University neuroscience professor Daniel Levitin tells the CBC, “[M]usic combined with marijuana tends to produce feelings of euphoria and connectedness to the music and the musicians.” 

The key here is not just to curate a thematically, aurally cohesive playlist, but to select music that jells with that euphoria — a result of THC’s tendency to encourage the release of dopamine — for more impact. Vibratory sounds like strings and pianos make for a more focused vibe while genres like improvisational jazz, electronica and synth work well with euphoric highs. Looking for a more specific weed party playlist? Don’t worry, we’ve already done the work for you.

…and Vision

Music is like the blood pumping through the veins of a good party, but don’t neglect the visual aspect. Leverage cannabis’ ability to heighten our experience of light, color and art. Warm the mood with earthy lighting (outdoor lanterns, safely contained candles, rice paper globe lamps), or embrace something moodier with portable, programmable RGB lighting. Let a projector spill a visually arresting movie — whether a classy black-and-white noir like “The Third Man” or a colorful feast like “Enter the Void” — over the walls or backdrop. Don’t worry about the narrative; let the playlist be the soundtrack while the visuals serve as decor-in-motion. 

Pair Your Plates

You’ve got the space, you’ve got the vapes, you’ve got the music, but it’s not a party without food. As with other aspects of the event, attention to detail is the key here, so your spread should pair with the cannabis on offer.

For strains with earthy, woody types of flavors, Food & Wine recommends plates like mushroom croquettes, red lentil burgers or hearty grilled portobellos, while drinks like cabernet and Kentucky bourbon fit the bill. For brighter, more citrusy sweet strains, try white wines, tequila, IPAs, pineapple-ginger chicken, basil watermelon and seafood entrees seasoned with rosemary, tarragon or thyme. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to caterers to help you take the party to the next level. If you’re in Southern California, we recommend Supercool Creamery, which offers nuanced ice cream flavors like Key lime with dark rum or green tea and nitro-artisan frozen cocktails such as blood orange screwdrivers and pomegranate cosmopolitans. 

Dan Ketchum is an LA-based freelance lifestyle, fashion, health and food writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as FOCL, Vitagenne, Livestrong, Reign Together, Out East Rosé, SFGate, The Seattle Times and more.


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