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The Best Weed Pipes to Elevate Your Smoking Style

by Cyrus Grant

At a time in which there are a thousand ways to get high, sometimes nothing beats the tried and true method of just smoking from a pipe (except maybe Mistifi’s vape pens). If you’re in the market for a new pipe, but are feeling overwhelmed by the almost endless amount of options, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is your primer on weed pipe types and materials. And once the basics are covered, we’ve curated a list of some of the best weed pipes money can buy — you can thank us later. 

Common Pipe Materials

Before exploring weed pipe types, it’s worth noting that pipes can come in a variety of materials. From common to niche, these are the materials to look out for, and how they might differ from one another.

  • Glass. By far the most commonly used pipe material in the United States, glass pipes come with all sorts of benefits. The first (and let’s be honest, the coolest) is how many aesthetic variations there are. Between the different shapes, colors, and patterns, glass pipes are basically art, and are fit for permanent display in any cannabis connoisseur’s home. Another big benefit to glass is it’s super easy and safe to clean, so when you notice the grime building up, you can keep your pipe in tip-top shape.
  • Metal. Metal pipes have created a market of durable but cost-friendlier options, although it’s always worth going for better quality as some people find metal can slightly alter taste. One of the big pluses when it comes to metal pipes compared to other materials is the size options. They tend to be easier to conceal and you don’t have to worry too much about them getting banged around in a bag or your pocket. And like glass, metal is pretty straightforward when it comes to cleaning.
  • Wood. The grandfather material of pipes, wood pipes have been part of smoking culture from the start. These pipes not only give off classic vibes, but also have a near-endless variety due to the differences in wood grains, densities, and colors. When going with a wood pipe, quality is again key, as they can last lifetimes of use. Just be careful when cleaning them, as wood can be a bit more finicky than glass or metal.
  • Stone/Ceramic/Other. While these materials might not be as widely used as the others, they can perform well while also looking great.

Common Pipe Types

Not only do pipes come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, each pipe can be designated to a general category of pipes. Let’s quickly look at the most common pipe types you’ll see, and how they differ from each other.

  • Spoon Pipes. Chances are you’ve used a spoon pipe more than once. Typically made of glass, spoon pipes are named after their relative resemblance to spoons, and are the most common pipe used in North America.
  • One-Hitters. Typically small and cylindrical tubes, one-hitters are made for, well, one hit. They can be made from a variety of materials and are generally the size and shape of a cigarette, you simply pack in a little weed, take a pull, and slip it right back into your pocket or bag.
  • Chillum. Similar to one-hitters, chillums are small straight pipes, with the difference being they can hold more than one pull.
  • Sherlock Pipes. A sophisticated twist on the spoon pipe, sherlock pipes are named after the famed detective, consisting of a stem that curves down and then back up into the bowl. While these pipes definitely fit an aesthetic vibe, they tend to be slightly more delicate, so are best used at home rather than on the go.
  • Steamroller Pipes. Basically a handheld dry bong, steamroller pipes are long glass cylinders that are open on both sides with a bowl on top. Even though these are handheld, they give huge hits.
  • Bubbler Pipes. Made to hold water, bubblers offer some of the same experience as bongs, in a handheld format. Bubbler pipes might not feature the smoothness of a full bong, but due to their water filtration, a bubbler pipe will likely be smoother than its dry pipe counterparts.

Best Luxury Weed Pipes

Now that you know a little more about weed pipe types and materials, it’s time to check out some of the best weed pipes for the luxury smoker.

best weed pipe types summerland

Summerland The Jug Bubbler – $175

First on the list is this water-filtered ceramic hand pipe from Summerland. Coming in either a terra cotta or bone finish, each of these clay pipes is handmade in the United States. Much smaller than a bong but with the same water-filtration benefits, this pipe comes in at 7” x 3” x 3”, making it a great on-the-go bubbler.

best weed pipe types debbie carlos

Debbie Carlos Play Pipe – $105

Artist Debbie Carlos likes to create fun takes on smokeware, and her latest limited-run collection is a perfect example. Titled “The Play pipe,” this set includes a pipe, a one-hitter/joint holder, and some additional blocks just to have fun with. These stoneware pieces are a sure-fire way to impress your friends and can serve as art when not in use.

best weed pipe types tetra nomad

Tetra Nomad Pipe – $86

The Nomad pipe by Tetra comes in as the perfect one-hitter to get you through the day. Compact and made of brass and aluminum, this travel pipe has a spring-loaded bat and a trough capable of holding 0.5g of your preferred weed, so you can pack each hit as you go. Coming in at 3.5” x 0.9” x 0.4”, this pipe will discretely fit in any pocket.

best weed pipe types Sackville

Sackville & Co Crystal Ball Pipe – $112

This glass pipe by Sackville & Co was designed to look “just as alluring on your coffee table as it is in action.” Made from borosilicate glass, and coming in four different colorways, this pipe includes a base for when it’s not in use and measures 3.25” in diameter by 3.5” tall while on the base.

best weed pipe types concrete cat

Concrete Cat Pipe – $80

This pipe by Concrete Cat is sure to be a durable option, as it is quite literally made out of concrete. Not only is the pipe a unique material, but each one is handmade and ships to you in a mystery colorway and pattern.

best weed pipe types HOJ KOL

HØJ KØL 2.0 – $100

HØJ, a Danish-designed smoking accessory company, has developed this nifty aluminum-based pipe dubbed the KØL 2.0. This pipe is highly unique, in that it’s held together by magnets and separates for easy access cleaning, plus it was inspired by the Mako shark, which is pretty cool. At 5.9” this is a solid everyday pipe that finds a great balance of luxury and utility.

best weed pipe types wave pipe

Recreational Use The Wave Pipe – $60

For those who prefer an all-natural feel, the Wave Pipe by Recreational Use is the way to go. Made from natural cherry wood and hand-carved into its distinct wave shape, this pipe gives an authentically organic smoking experience.

best weed pipe types e-stex

E-Stex Glass Mokume-Gane Rainbow Sherlock Pipe – $475

Last, but certainly not least, this Mokume-Gane Rainbow Sherlock pipe by artist E-Stex is the ultimate show-piece pipe. This pipe was designed using a Japanese metal-work technique called mokume-gane, where the artist stacked and layered glass to give a unique, wood-grain-like appearance. Whether you’re smoking with this pipe or just putting it in a trophy case, it’s a certain attention grabber.

Now that you know the ins and outs of weed pipes, get out there and get yourself a luxury weed pipe, you deserve it. And when you don’t have the time or energy to deal with a pipe, Mistifi’s vape pen is always ready to give you the best smoking experience.

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