small meaningful stoner tattoo ideas

15 Meaningful Cannabis Tattoo Ideas

by Deb Powers

Why do weed and tattoos go so well together? It could be because the suits have always looked down on both. A lot of us grew up on reefer madness stories coupled with warnings that getting a tattoo would ruin your life. Who’s going to hire a person with tattoos, they asked. You’re going to regret it, they said. 

That kind of thinking has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Today, millions of people tune in to watch reality TV shows that show off gorgeous tattoo art. Getting a tattoo has become just one more way to express yourself. And as more states legalize weed, more and more tattoo shops are happy to put a weed tattoo anywhere you want it. 

There are all kinds of cannabis-inspired tattoos out there, from full sleeves and chest pieces to tiny tattoos you can easily hide. A lot of canna-connoisseurs start with a meaningful small stoner tattoo, like a tiny pot leaf on the shoulder. Others are braver and choose to show off their stoner status with tattoos in more obvious places. Whatever you choose, it should be a symbol that has a special meaning to you.

1. Delicate and Subtle Weed Leaf Tattoo

Is there any shape more iconic than the cannabis leaf? A pot leaf tattoo makes your love of all things weedy clear. Inked in simple lines on the middle digit, it’s both bold and elegantly simple.

2. The Ultimate 420 Tattoo

This clever twist on 420 will definitely capture attention. Paired with the Shaka, it sends a clear signal that it’s time to hang loose and chill out with some friends.

3. A Tattoo That Makes Your Heart Beat

This EKG-themed cannabis tattoo lets everyone know what it takes to revive you. There’s no flatlining when you’ve got the right amount of weed in your system.

4. A Spark of Inspiration

Take the idea of this tattoo and make it smaller for an artistic nod to smoking a joint. If you’re more of a vape pen lover, you could also swap the joint for an artistic rendering of your favorite Mistifi pen.

5. Chemical Diagram Cannabis Tattoo

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this tattoo features the chemical diagram for THC. It’s a great choice if you’ve got to maintain a relatively straight-edge image at work — but those in the know will get it.

6. Practicing Self Care Never Looked So Colorful

Why wait for 4:20 when you can practice your favorite self-care ritual at 3:20? According to the Urban Dictionary, the (probably sanitized) meaning of 3:20 is a reminder to practice self-care for 20 minutes at 3:20 every day. Add in the brightly colored bud and this delicately drawn and shaded tattoo makes it clear that your preferred form of self-care involves a taste of the rainbow

7. The Perfect Cannabis Leaf

Did you ever notice how much the Adidas logo looks like a pot leaf? Cannabis leaf tattoos are always on-trend, but this one is especially sweet — small, subtle, and perfectly positioned.

8. Best Buds

Fire and leaf, best friends forever! This colorful small stoner tattoo would be perfect on your hip or the back of your shoulder if you prefer a more playful tattoo aesthetic. If you’re feeling really cute, get one tatted on each shoulder, or make it a best buds tattoo with a friend.

9. Cannabis Compass Rose

We couldn’t help being a little wowed by the thought behind this intricate cannabis tattoo. In case you don’t recognize it, the leaves are arranged into a compass rose, a map symbol that helps you get oriented and make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Need we say more?

10. One Love Tattoo

small meaningful stoner tattoo ideas one love
Emily Standiford via Pinterest

One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright… Bob Marley’s signature phrase, One Love, may not seem like a typical weed tattoo, but it speaks worlds to Marley lovers and Rastafarians the world over. This tattoo tells the world that your heart is all about feeling that One Love.

11. Potted Pot Plant Tattoo

If you’re part of the grow-your-own culture, this potted pot plant is the ideal tattoo for you. It’s a deliciously unique twist on the traditional cannabis leaf.

12. Peeking Out of the Weeds

This dreamy black ink piece is a work of art that any cannabis connoisseur would be proud to wear. The longer you look at it, the more you see in the silhouette highlighted behind the pot leaf.

13. Roll Up Some Relaxing Vibes

small meaningful stoner tattoo ideas roll
Stephanie Larrive via Pinterest

The most meaningful weed tattoos are ones that capture the essence of the bud. You’re not just rolling up a joint — you’re getting ready to partake of a mini vacation. You can even take your inspiration from the rolling fingers and give it your own twist, like this:

small meaningful stoner tattoo ideas roll galaxy
Katherine Reyes via Pinterest

14. Peace and Weed

A weed leaf flashing a peace sign? We’re totally here for that! A few hits of Mistifi’s Houdini always bring on those peaceful vibes, so why not tell the world how you feel?

15. A Little Weed and Bones

small meaningful stoner tattoo ideas skull
Iperriera via Pinterest

Skulls and pot go together like, well, weed and bones. There’s a long tradition of cannabis art featuring skeletons — especially skulls — and pot leaves, but most of them are gaudy and large. We think this delicate line drawing is just begging to be turned into a tattoo, don’t you?

16. For the Botanical Purist

Botanical prints never really go out of style. The shading and coloring in this cannabis tatt are stunning. It’s the ideal piece if you take your connaisseur status seriously!

Whether you’re considering a temporary tattoo for a cannabis-fueled adventure or looking for something more permanent, we hope you found some inspiration in this collection of stoner tattoos. Speaking of inspiration, if your creative juices need a boost, check out our special Sativa Over the Rainbow blend. It packs some powerful creative energy to fire you up and inspire your flights of artistic fancy.

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