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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: How To Infuse Your Love of Cannabis Into Holiday Decor

by Dan Ketchum

The holiday season is about good times, love and generosity among friends and family. It’s also something that each person makes uniquely their own. So, whatever holiday you celebrate, why not have a little fun this year with weed decorations that also celebrate your passion for cannabis? Here are some ways to make your home extra festive while you’re all stocked up on spirit-warming essentials.

A Weed Christmas Tree 

Whether it’s a Christmas tree, a Hanukkah bush, a Kwanzaa tree or something entirely your own, there’s something special about getting that green centerpiece all dressed up for the most wonderful time of the year. We like to celebrate with “trees” year-round, but to make the holiday a true canna-celebration, you can employ a combo of DIY craftiness and pre-made pickups to suit your own style. Let our recs get you started as you let your imagination get festive.

It’s All About the Ornaments

Already have a tree picked out? For an easygoing DIY project, use a needle and sturdy thread to string up your own cannabis garland — dried and preserved marijuana leaves give the tree an elevated, rustic look while glittery canna-confetti offers a cheaper and cuter option. And with just a bit of serging, cannabis-themed fabric prints make for an excellent tree skirt.

You’ll find no shortage of pre-made weed-themed ornaments, string lights and toppers. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Pulsar High Lights Hemp Leaf LED String Light Set ($21.99) works on the tree, draped from the ceiling and door frames, on the mantle or just about anywhere else you might want to light up for the holidays.
  • Stained Glass Marijuana Leaf by cityfreeglass ($60.00) serves as a multifunctional decorative piece, acting as tree topper or stand-up knickknack. It’s handmade and comes in various colors and trim styles from an Etsy Star Seller.
  • Dolls Kill Cannabis Ornament ($18.00) manages to be stylish and embrace the leaf without that gaudy Spencer’s Gifts feel.

Add Cheer to an Actual Marijuana Plant

Dozens of states across America allow medical or recreational homegrown cannabis. In California, for instance, the Department of Cannabis Control says you can grow up to six cannabis plants at home as long as you’re at least 21 years old. The upright shape of cannabis plants makes them perfect for tabletop trees or centerpieces (as Leafly points out, some cannabis trees can reach heights of 15 feet). 

Transport your weed Christmas tree to an appropriately sized festive holiday pot, and use lightweight decorations to avoid damaging the leaves and stems. That good old fluffy tinsel garland you grew up with fits the bill here, as do small, hollow ornaments. Go for a ribbon or bow up top rather than a heavy star, and consider those colorful grow lights a festive touch.

Don’t Have a Green Thumb? Pick an Artificial Tree

Of course, you don’t have to be crafty or a gardener to celebrate with cannabis this season. You can always go with “the original Weed Christmas Tree” (a bit of a splurge at $349.99), which is synthetic and reusable, or aim for a more compact size with any number of hyper-realistic artificial cannabis plants in the $25 to $125 range, as recommended by MSN.

More Green Holiday Tips

Thinking beyond the tree, a few of our favorite weed decorations for this year and the years to come include the Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle ($55) to create that by-the-hearth vibe with an earthy, peppery scent, and this Hemp Christmas Stocking by Vital Hemp ($24) made from the remnants of hemp production, so each stocking is not only eco-friendly, it’s totally unique.

The right weed decorations are just one part of curating the holiday atmosphere. Music is a big part of it, too. If you’ve had enough of Mariah Carey terrorizing your grocery store’s soundsystem, try a less traditional Christmas album like “Soulful Christmas” by James Brown, “Merle Haggard’s Christmas Present,” “Christmas” by Low, “Christmas in the Heart” by Bob Dylan, or Sia’s “Everyday Is Christmas.”

You’ll want to provide some treats with those tunes by infusing your gingerbread, gelt, eggnog or warm bowls of curry with cannabis cooking oil. And whatever you do, don’t forget to put a little Mistifi magic under that tree. 

Dan Ketchum is an LA-based freelance lifestyle, fashion, health and food writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as FOCL, Vitagenne, Livestrong, Reign Together, Out East Rosé, SFGate, The Seattle Times and more.


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