Things to Do While High Cozy

High & Hygge: 10 Cozy Things to Do While High This Winter

by Cyrus Grant

It’s that time of year again — shorts and t-shirts are being replaced with sweatpants and hoodies, and staying home is looking like the best plan. Honestly, staying home and lighting up is always solid, but something about doing it in the winter is extra cozy. That’s why Mistifi is bringing you the 10 best things to do while getting high and hygge.

Put on your comfy clothes, grab your cannabis of choice, and get ready to get cozy.

What is Hygge?

Okay first things first, what even is hygge? Hygee (pronounced “hoo-guh”), is a Danish term that basically means being so comfy and cozy that you feel well and content. Staying home in sweatpants with some good cannabis — big hygee energy.

1. Light Up By the Fire

Starting out with a comfy classic, just go ahead and get the fireplace going. Throw on some tunes, enjoy the crackling of burning wood, and grab your strain of choice. Do this alone or with your favorite people, everyone loves a nice roaring fire in the winter.

2. Get to Baking

What’s better than getting baked? Eating baked goods while baked. Nothing screams cozy winter vibes like a home filled with the delicious aromas of baked goods. Get your apron on and get to baking.

If you’re in need of some recipe inspiration, here are a few of our favorites.

3. Cannabis-Infused Winter Party

As winter rolls in, outdoor picnics and patio BBQs become less than ideal party venues. That doesn’t mean you can’t have people over though. Winter parties are great for getting everyone gathered in a nice warm house, and even better if there’s a cannabis theme involved! If you need help throwing an elevated cannabis party this winter, check out Mistifi’s weed party guide here.

4. Get the House Hygge

Getting your house decked out with the perfect winter decor is a great way to get the hygge vibes warmed up as the weather cools down. Get the winter-scented candles out, dust off the thick blankets, and enjoy the comforting warmth of a house ready for winter. Once the house is put together, light up and take in the immaculate warm winter vibes.

5. Online Shop 

Do we recommend doing winter shopping while high on the couch? Absolutely. Whether it’s gift-giving or just getting that winter gear you put off all summer, getting high and letting your inner shopper out is a great way to spend a nice winter night in. We’ve put together tons of shopping guides for the sophisticated stoner, and recommend you start here for home goods, here for books, and here for clothes. If you’re shopping list includes restocking your cannabis stash, check out Misitifi’s line of top-tier vape pens. And, the best part, is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home because Mistifi delivers directly to your door in the state of California!

6. Movie Marathon 

Getting high and doing a movie marathon is a year-round activity, but something about cozying up under a blanket during the winter makes it that much better. If the cold keeps you indoors, grab your vape or pipe, pick some movies or a solid nature documentary, and get to watching.

7. Read a Book

For the bookworms out there, snuggling up under a blanket or by the fireplace and reading is a winter-time essential. We find one of the best ways to really get your imagination going and dive deep into a book is with a little cannabis assistance. And if you’re really feeling in the cannabis mood, check out these great books that every cannasseur should have on their bookshelves.

8. Game Night

If you and your friends are feeling like a nice mellow night in this winter, pair your smoke session with a game night. Whether you’re more into video games or board games (we don’t recommend Monopoly at the risk of ruining everyone’s high), getting high and getting into some games is the perfect high winter activity to do with friends. If you need any ideas on which games to load up, check out our article on the 8 best video games to play high

9. Self-Care Day

Sometimes we all just need a self-care day. While getting high is probably already part of that plan, add some other at-home care plans to really round out your winter self-care day. Get a nice bath going, do your nails, whatever it is that puts you in a hygge state of mind!

10. Arts and Crafts

When winter is full effect the house can start to feel a little bit like a cell at times. If that happens it’s time to get creative. We’re talking arts and crafts…and cannabis, of course. Pick out a strain that helps boost creativity (we’ve got that guide for you right here) and get to creating. Whether it’s painting, knitting, building models, or whatever gets you in the creative and crafty spirit, getting high and putting your right brain to use is a perfect at-home winter activity.

That wraps up our 10 favorite things to do while staying comfy and at home this winter. Now go and enjoy yourself a high and hygge winter!

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