things to do while high

8 Adventures to Take While High

by Kimberly Tronic

Whether you consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, you’ve probably felt its physical and mental effects, most noticeably a heightened sensory perception. When you hit a vape or nibble on an edible, your neurotransmitters kick into high gear and your brain and interprets stimuli at a quicker rate — resulting in brighter colors, stronger smells and richer tastes.

Whether you enjoy a calmer, more relaxing experience or an energetic adventure, the key is to find the right kind of strain and activity to suit your needs. And rather than repeating your typical go-to pastimes, we recommend shaking things up and trying new activities while you’re high — because weed always elevates every event.

1. Explore the Trails

If you’re looking for a peaceful adventure, nature is your best bet. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for the serenity that comes with the great outdoors. Soak up the sun. Surround yourself with the sights, sounds and soothing landscapes of a short local hike or indulge your wanderlust at a place like Joshua Tree in California. For extra points, pack a vape to indulge on the go.

2. Tour a Botanical Garden

Gardens offer another open-air option where you can savor the allure of a stunning environment. Take a gentle stroll among plants, flowers and beautiful landscapes. An added bonus: The blooming backgrounds make for vivid Instagram snaps.  

3. Hit the Beach

A simple pastime with so many pleasures is the beach. Take a splashy dip in the ocean. Watch a tranquil sunset. Enjoy the calming sound of the waves. Grab a board and show off your surfing skills. Or pack a picnic and lie low on the soft sand.

4. Get Artsy

With lower inhibitions and heightened creativity, you might just have a new masterpiece on your hands. Whether you paint, draw, design, write or make music, let your inspiration flow freely and see where your talent takes you.

5. Enjoy a Dining Delight

Put down the microwaved pizza rolls and skip your normal munchies routine. Do you like to cook? Grab an apron and get messy. Try a new recipe. (Or recreate an old one, but with a special new ingredient — THC.) Don’t fancy yourself a chef? Grab some amazing takeout from your favorite restaurant and sprawl out on the couch — or kick back at a gorgeous spot outside.

6. Meander around a Museum

They’re not just for school trips. Do you like art? Science? History? Technology? There’s a museum for that. Find one that aligns with your interests and take in the exhibits with a couple of friends. If you can’t manage to move from the comfy indent on your couch, many museums and art galleries offer virtual tours.

7. Play Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Choose a location, make a list of items to snap, set a time limit, then grab your phone (and a few friends) and hit the streets. To up the stakes: last person to finish pays for everyone’s dinner.

8. Catch a Movie (at the Theater)

Yes, Netflix and chill has its place, but surround sound and giant screens create a more immersive world. The sound effects, visual effects and larger-than-life characters will ignite your senses.

Above all, have fun! Cannabis has a way of spicing up every experience and breaking down boundaries. Opening yourself up to new activities will create long-lasting (and probably hilarious) memories.

Kimberly Tronic is an author, copywriter and content creator. She enjoys coffee, cleaning her apartment, cats and nibbling on pencils.


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