how to buy weed online california

The California Cannasseur’s Guide to Buying Weed Online

by Dan Ketchum

Don’t want to leave home for kimchi and bulgogi? A bottle of Campari? A monthly subscription to designer dog food? You can order all of that — and so, so much more — online, and if you live on the Best Coast, you can add cannabis to that list. 

Curious about how to buy weed online in California? Turns out, it’s even easier than cruising to the local dispensary.   

Rent prices aside, sometimes California really is the Golden State. 

How It Works in California

The keyword for online weed shopping in California is delivery. If you’re a California resident who is of-age in the famously legalized state, you can hop online to order a buffet of cannabis products for either recreational or medical purposes, which will then be delivered to your house via courier. 

In most cases, the products come from a local dispensary or supplier and are commonly delivered via a larger courier service (like Eaze or Greenly) acting as a middle party. It’s similar to ordering food from Postmates or Grubhub; the restaurant supplies the food, the courier service picks it up — except in this case, the dispensary provides the weed and the courier service picks it up in exchange for extra fees and a tip. 

Sometimes, though, the dispensary or cannabis supplier handles delivery, too, allowing you to order right from the source. That’s how we do it at Mistifi, where you can add any of our products to your online cart and have them delivered throughout California. 

With that said, virtually any kind of professionally made cannabis product you could want is available for online order and deliver in California, including:

What You Need

While California cannabis delivery can be super convenient, it’s not the wild west out here — some rules and regulations do apply. In addition to an address and a phone, you need to meet some baselines to legally order weed online. Most importantly, you must be at least 21 years of age or at least 18 years of age with a valid medical card and doctor’s recommendation for cannabis in the State of California. Typically, you’ll need to upload your ID to your online delivery service before making your purchase. 

Local limits may apply when it comes to issues like delivery times and acceptable locations. Likewise, you’re limited to purchasing one ounce of flower, 8 grams of extract, and 1,000 mg of THC edibles per day. Likewise, some retailers may impose a minimum purchase amount for online orders (or they may offer delivery fee details after a certain checkout total). 

And though you can buy weed online pretty easily, don’t expect it to be sent through the mail and left on your doorstep. When the courier arrives, you’re required to meet them in person and provide your proof of residency and photo ID before your freshly delivered cannabis is handed off. The person accepting the delivery must be the person whose name is on the order, and, usually, you’ll be expected to pay cash upon delivery. To keep things on the legal up-and-up, make sure you’re purchasing from a source licensed by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).

Curated Cannabis: Our Recs 

Much of what’s available to you in terms of online weed shopping and delivery really depends on your exact location, and since that availability is often based on which dispensaries are local enough for delivery, the selection, abundance and price of products will also vary. Overall, though, California is a cannabis cornucopia, and we can vouch for all of these online weed shopping and delivery services across the state:

  • WeedMaps: Thinks of WeedMaps more as a portal than as a specific delivery service. At the site, you can enter your delivery address, and they’ll let you know which dispensaries in the area deliver. You can use the site or mobile app to browse the stock and make your purchase.
  • In California alone, Bud delivers to literally hundreds of different zip codes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Marin County, and beyond, with more areas being added all the time. 
  • Ganja Goddess: With delivery up and down California, Ganja Goddess also provides scheduled next-day deliveries, which are free for orders over $75. Otherwise, it’s a flat $14 delivery fee.
  • iHeartJane: Offering delivery across 10 legalized states, Jane is known as the dispensary-friendly delivery service, taking only $1 worth of fees from the dispensaries it works with to deliver weed to your door. 

Even better? You’ll find Mistifi’s craft cannabis lineup stocked at all of them.   

Cannabis Subscription Services
Maybe you prefer to be a little more regular or scheduled with your weed delivery, or you want to click around now to ensure that you’re stocked up later. Enter the cannabis subscription service. Subscription boxes like Nugg Club and Lucky Box Club offer regular deliveries to Californians.

If regular weed delivery is like Postmates, weed subscriptions services are a little bit like Hello Fresh, or like those monthly surprise boxes of coffee, comics, clothes or vinyl records. These services will usually work with you to offer curated selections based on your tastes and preferences, delivered on a customizable regular rotation, and often at a discount compared to the cost of ordering each product separately. Plus, they’ll usually throw in a few surprises to encourage you to experiment and expand your horizons — both of the aforementioned subs have been known to pack Mistifi treats, so who knows, you might just get lucky next time the courier shows up.     

Of course, delivery is just one option for cannasseurs to stay stocked up — you can get your Mistifi faves directly from our site, or use our locator to find top local dispensaries with our craft cannabis currently in stock.

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. In cannabis, been fortunate enough to collaborate with Cannabis & Tech Today, FOCL, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Tough Mama, and more.

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