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10 Best High Hikes in LA

by Cyrus Grant

People come to Los Angeles expecting celebrities, beaches, and beautiful weather. It turns out LA has all that and much more. One of the things in that “much more” category happens to be an abundance of top-tier hikes — who knew? (Most Angelenos actually do know. We’re not kidding when we say you can surf in the morning, grab brunch at a world-class restaurant, hike in the afternoon, and catch a movie premiere that night.)

Not only does LA have a plethora of amazing hikes, but it’s also the birthplace of the Cali Sober movement, and offers up some of the best quality cannabis you can buy. And one of Angelenos’ favorite past times? Getting high while getting high (in elevation). So without further ado, here are some of the best cannabis-friendly hikes in LA.

Runyon Canyon

Okay, so we’re getting the most “LA” hike checked off the list first. If you’re looking for solitude and a classic nature feel, you might want to skip down to the next section. If, however, you’re looking for an easy trail near the city where you can run into celebrities, wannabe celebrities, models, and people just looking to see a beautiful sunset, then Runyon Canyon is the place to go. It’s busy, but hey, it’s Los Angeles.

Griffith Park Trails

If you’re looking for more classic hikes, but still want an LA experience, Griffith Park is a must. Home to the Griffith Observatory and a number of hiking trails, Griffith Park is iconic, serene, and full of interesting locales. From Griffith Park, you’ll have lots of options for getting your hike on:

  • Mt. Hollywood Trail. One of the most popular trails at the park, this hike offers great panoramic views of the city, and can even take you over to Mount Lee and the famed Hollywood Sign.
  • Bronson Cave. A famed location for Hollywood filming, this cave is less than a mile walk from the trailhead and features a man-made tunnel carved into the rock wall of an old quarry. The cave is best known as the entrance of the Batcave in the 1960s Batman TV series. Don’t worry though, the caped crusader won’t stop you from hitting your Mistifi vape pen.
  • The Wisdom Tree. Another landmark that can be reached from Griffith Park, the Wisdom Tree is the lone surviving tree from a fire in 2007 and has become a meaningful symbol to those who hike to it. If you want a quick and direct hike, the Wisdom Tree is only about a total trip of 1.8 miles and is doable for most anyone. And if you really want to take in the tree’s wisdom, this is probably a good spot to bring along your Houdini indica blend pen.

Inspiration Point Trail (at Will Rogers State Historic Park) 

Rounding off the list of LA hikes that feel very LA, Inspiration Point Trail at Will Rogers State Park is great for some quick and easy outdoor exploration. It’s only about 2 miles long and quite mellow, so it’s a good choice for those looking for just a hit of nature. Not only is it easy, but it also puts you right by Will Rogers’s ranch home and polo field, where you can still catch local polo clubs square off for a game of polo.

Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak sits as the highest peak in the Santa Monica mountains at 3,111 feet. This hike has a more classic nature feel compared to the ones listed above, but is still quite manageable for most people who like to get up and move. There are also two trail options if your goal is to reach the peak. You have the Mishe Mokwa Trail, which is longer but takes a more gradual approach, and then you have the Sandstone Peak Trail, which is shorter but more challenging. 

Something really cool about this hike (outside of the beautiful views and cool geological formations), is that once you get to the peak, you’ll find a notebook at the memorial of W. Herbert Allen, where you can write down some thoughts, or even just sign it as proof you made it to the top.

Mount Baldy 

Before we get into the Mount Baldy hike, let this serve as a disclaimer — this hike is tough. While the rest of the hikes listed so far can be done by almost anyone looking for a casual hike, Mount Baldy is for capital “H” Hikers. That means if you’re looking to hit Misitifi’s Over the Rainbow pen and go on a hike, we’d recommend picking one of the trails above. As for Mount Baldy, we’d recommend having your Phantom pen ready and waiting for when you get back.

Now, about the actual hike. Mount Baldy (technically named Mount San Antonio) is only about an hour outside of LA, and is the highest point in Los Angeles County at 10,064 feet. The hiking trail itself is roughly 11 miles, and packs in a solid total ascent of nearly 4,000 feet. If you are a seasoned hiker looking for a solid challenge, we’ll see you atop Mount Baldy.

Bridge to Nowhere

If a hike that involves water and the opportunity to swim sings to you, go find the Bridge to Nowhere. This 10-mile hike (but only 900 feet of ascent) can be found in the San Gabriel Mountains, and features the famed Bridge to Nowhere that stands as the last reminder of an old road that was washed away in a large flood in 1938. 

Pro tip: Wear something that you’re okay with getting wet, as it has river crossings.

Malibu Creek State Park

If you really want to just get out in nature with no plan needed, head over to Malibu Creek State Park. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to this park, so you can pick between classic hikes, flat strolls through flowers, or even splashing around in lakes and rivers.

Switzer Falls

A popular hike for those looking to find a waterfall at the end of the trail, a hike to Switzer Falls will give you exactly that and more. This hike is accessible for most, and features a 4-mile round trip trail that goes past an array of sights, and ends with a grand finale of Switzer Falls itself.

And there you have it. Some of the best hikes one can find in LA! With the exception of Mount Baldy, all these hikes are doable for most people and provide a great opportunity to get high and connect with nature. Just make sure to bring plenty of water!

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