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10 Fresh Cannabis Nail Art Designs For Your Next Mani

by Phoebe Neuman

As cannabis consumption has stepped firmly into the mainstream over the last few years, the stoner aesthetic has gotten a much-needed makeover. And while the red, green, and yellow color palette of Rastafarianism and woven Baja-style sweatshirts will always be a part of cannabis culture’s DNA, we love the more creative and sophisticated ways to rock our appreciation for the plant. Everything from tattoos to cannabis-inspired art and home decor has gotten an elevated, design-focused upgrade. 

Parallel to this has been the rise of nail art that looks like, well, art. Instagram is peppered with nail technicians that can bring even the most intricate designs to life — cannabis-inspired sets included. And like the rest of the stoner aesthetic, there are plenty of ways to flaunt your status as a cannabis connoisseur at your fingertips. 

So from sophisticated and subtle to avant-garde, here are 10 designs to get you inspired for your next manicure.

Half & Half

Give the mix-and-match colored tips trend a cannabis-inspired spin with this leafy green manicure. The symmetry that the two leaf details on the ring and pointer fingers is a nice touch that keeps the gradient manicure feeling simultaneously fun and sophisticated.

Glitter & Green

A megawatt glitter manicure never goes out of style, does it? We love that the unexpected choice of matte green polish for the leaf detail and the edgy coffin shape of the nail keeps things from feeling overly girly, too.

Rasta Redux

This is as close to a classic rasta-inspired cannabis manicure as we’re going to get in this roundup. The bold yellow-and-black palette is a nice nod to OG stoner culture, but the artistically placed leaf decals — which appear to meander across the hand — help things feel elevated and modern.

Clean Couture 

This design proves that you can still indulge in some cannabis nail art even if you typically prefer minimalist manis. The creamy nude polish and sophisticated almond nail shape are the ultimate clean girl-inspired backdrop for the golden cannabis nail charm. 

Opulent & Ornate

Think of this design as the flashier older sister of the last manicure. It features the same clean and minimal base but dials up the glam factor with diamante and gold nail charms that call to mind a lush smoke session. The asymmetrical placement of the design across both hands is another elevated and artistic touch.

Earthy Euphoria

Partial to strains that give you a euphoric high? This manicure is for you. The decision to ground hyper-detailed leaf illustrations and swirling agate-inspired designs with nails that feature an earthy sage green polish is particularly artistic — and a nod to the wondrous power of nature that we can definitely get behind.

Bright & Bold

This playful purple mani is another one that would look right at home on cannabis connoisseurs that prefer a more euphoric, energetic high.

Smokey Swirls

Look no further than this pretty set for a design that captures the experience of smoking a calming sativa. Every nail here is impressive — from the smoke-inspired swirls of the thumb and middle finger, to the glimmering jade of the pointer finger, and the flecks of leafy green suspended in the polish on the ring and pinky fingers. The pearl cannabis nail charm is obviously a nice touch, but you could also get the same effect without it for a more office-friendly look.

Luxe Leaves 

Though we couldn’t tell you how the nail tech achieved this seriously impressive manicure, we’re definitely asking for this next time we’re at the salon. The combination of full cannabis leaves, flecks of ground nug, and glimmering gold are mesmerizing — and are perfect if you appreciate the plant enough to be a ganjier.

Art Imitates Life

While we wouldn’t go as far as to say this is the most practical design on the list, it is one of the most impressive. 3D nail art has exploded on the scene over the last few years, and we love the detail that went into bringing this tiny joint and ashtray to life. Perfect for the nail art — and the cannabis — connoisseur. 

Still need a bit of inspiration for your next visit to the nail salon? Take a hit of Mistifi’s Oracle cart, which features a creativity-stoking triple-strain blend.

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