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Bud and Breakfast: California’s 5 Best 420-Friendly Accommodations

by Dan Ketchum

Two disparate elements – pandemic precautions encouraging people to seek a change of space and the continued normalization of legal weed – collided to really make cannabis tourism take off in recent years. And we couldn’t be happier at the number of elevated travel options that collision has created. 

MMGY Travel Intelligence finds that at least 29 percent of leisure travelers prioritize cannabis in their adventures, and you can bet that number will continue to rise. As it does, keep these luxury-focused California retreats from Bud and Breakfast in mind for your next getaway – because craft cannabis deserves beautifully crafted spaces.

What Is Bud and Breakfast?  

If it hasn’t crossed your radar just yet, think of the Boulder-based Bud and Breakfast as a sort of Airbnb that isn’t just 420-friendly, but 420-focused. Straight from the source, “Bud and Breakfast provides an accessible network of accommodations and 420 activities that meet high standards for quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also enjoy the benefits of the wonderful healing plant, marijuana.” 

This means there’s no uncertainty over whether or not you can enjoy your favorite flower or pack along your Over the Rainbow pen to elevate the gorgeous view. It also means that the space often encourages you to partake and even focuses on ease of access to cannabis-related activities, if not providing some of those experiences right in the package.  

Ready to book your cannabis-fueled getaway? Here are five of our favorite California Bud and Breakfasts.

bud and breakfast hollywood

A Twist on the LA Experience (Los Angeles, $550/night) 

It’s a foregone conclusion: whether it’s for Instagram cred or the bucket list, just about anyone visiting LA wants to get a pic of the iconic Hollywood sign. Host Jeffrey Kleiser’s Hollywood sign chalet will do you one better, and then some. The name doesn’t lie on this one, as you’ll find a vintage ‘60s A-frame cabin – one whose historic guests include David Crosby and Mama Cass – nestled on a hillside literal steps away from those big white H-wood letters.

And as for that chalet, it’s got four patio and balcony spaces, a seven-foot grand piano, skylights, a jacuzzi spa, an outdoor shower, and more. After you’ve had a little indica and your fill of the Hollywood sign from your upper-floor outdoor deck, you’ll be steps away from the 4,000 acres of hiking, horseback riding, and stargazing at one of LA’s finest features, Griffith Park.

bud and breakfast desert

A Desert Getaway for the Group (Desert Hot Springs, $1,500/night)

Cannabis industry vet Danielle Scott’s epic desert hideaway has just remedied all of those group vacation headaches. Here’s the pitch for all those friends and family members you’ve been trying to herd like stray cats in that month-long email chain: three full hot-tub-equipped houses, seven bedrooms, and miles of hiking trails situated on more than 100 acres of natural desert beauty, 

But what is there to do in the desert aside from get high (and you can absolutely vape inside or light up on the insane amount of covered patios)? Across those 100-plus acres, you’ll find natural hot springs, on-site art gardens, a workout facility, and even an Old West-style event center. All of which is worth a massive “yeehaw.”

bud and breakfast farm

Lush Farmside Glamping (Garberville, $140/night)

Of course, not every elevated cannabis travel experience calls for mansions (though this one still includes the hot tubs). To really get in touch with nature and the plant that changed your life, Five Sisters Farm offers luxury camping right in the heart of Humboldt County’s cannabis heartland. The roomy, furnished canvas tent and outdoor accommodations host a full bed and a flower-strewn clawfoot tub, but the real attraction here is the canna-centric nature and culture of the surroundings.

Situated just off the Emerald Triangle’s Highway 101, you’ll have easy access to the Cookies Tree Lounge, covering your cafe and dispensary needs. And among the stunning old-growth Redwoods of Richardson Grove, you’ll find plentiful Eel River waterside activities, bounteous hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and kayaking, all nestled between two festival sites where you can wind down your nights to live music. (We’d recommend checking out our full guide to the Emerald Triangle for a cannabis-packed itinerary).

bud and breakfast Joshua Desert

Immaculate Vintage Vibes (Twentynine Palms, $250/night) 

The hosts of the Jackalope retreat in Twentynine Palms really hit the nail on the head: “a secret vintage gem to make all your Mad-Men-in-the-desert dreams come true.”As if we need to say more, this authentic retro home for six guests genuinely feels like an influencer’s photo sesh come to life. With a meticulously curated aesthetic somewhere between David Lynch and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, the Jackalope offers more than just style. When you’ve finished your big-sky desert hikes, you’ll come home to an outdoor fireplace, jacuzzi, private pool, and yes, even a pair of bongos for your Kerouac-inspired beat poetry nights.

bud and breakfast SF

Urban SF Coziness (San Francisco, $250/night) 

Far be it from us to leave the Golden City off a list of Bud and Breakfast California gems – thankfully, Noe’s Nest in the Mission District makes that inclusion easy. 

The vibe here is pure Paris-of-the-West-meets-classic-bed-and-breakfast, with tons of Louis XIV-style decor striking a balance between elegance and coziness, and amenities including an opulent gourmet breakfast and dazzling outdoor garden space. Nearby, you’ll find High Vibrations Elevated Yoga Experience, a goat happy hour at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary, Berkshire Roots dispensary, and Soul Connection cannabis-assisted psychedelic journeys – because it truly is all about the journey, after all.   

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. In cannabis, been fortunate enough to collaborate with Cannabis & Tech Today, FOCL, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Tough Mama, and more.

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