types of vapes

How to Choose the Right Vape Pen for You

If you’re looking for a discreet way to enjoy your cannabis, you can take your pick from some excellent vape pens. Here’s how to choose among the different types of vapes available.

what is cali sober

What Does it Mean to be Cali Sober?

As cannabis usage normalizes across the country, more people are using it as a means to wean off of alcohol. Find out what it means to adopt the Cali Sober lifestyle.

things to do while high

8 Adventures to Take While High

Whether you enjoy a mellow time at home or a new adventure outside, there’s plenty of things to do while high. Check out our list of activities that are best enjoyed under the influence of weed.

best sativa strains to try

6 Elevating Sativa Strains to Try

Cannabis vapers love sativa for its energizing, mind-clearing effects. It’s perfect for a daytime vape and you can take your pick from some awesome aromas. Try these six sativa strains for a perfect high.

how long does a high last

How Long Does a High Last?

How long does a high last? The length of the effects you’ll experience with cannabis is affected by factors ranging from the chemical composition of the product to what you ate last. Knowing how long you’ll be “under the influence” can help you plan for an enjoyable experience.

flying with weed

What to Know About Flying with Weed

Thanks to contradictions between federal and state laws, it can be hard to understand the rules when it comes to flying with weed. Read on for your weed travel guide.

how to get higher

8 Ways to Elevate Your High

Cannabis habits and certain lifestyle factors can lead to high tolerances. So how can you get higher? Here are 8 tips to intensify your experience.





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