best sativa strains to try

6 Elevating Sativa Strains to Try

by Nick Marshall

For a pleasant, elevating high without drowsiness or lethargy, choose sativa. It’s the go-to strain for unlocking creativity and inspiration, and you’re still getting the same THC hit of an indica strain in many cases. 

Fans of flower will recognize sativa as the tall cannabis plant with narrow leaves, as opposed to the shorter, thicker leaves of the indica strain. That distinction is open to challenge, however, and doesn’t always hold true. From a user’s point of view, the only distinguishing feature that really matters is that sativa delivers a mood-enhancing, uplifting experience, whereas indica gives a sedative, calming effect (in other words, a mind high instead of a body high). As for the aroma, that’s down to the terpenes. 

But like indica, the various strains of sativa can produce distinctly different effects when consumed. So which ones are best? Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular sativa strains. 

1. Electric Lemonade

The sour lemonade aroma gives this strain away, but that soon yields to a powerful energizing feeling and sense of stimulation. Electric Lemonade packs about 17% THC, meaning that it can hold its own against any indica strain, and can be as relaxing for the body as it is invigorating for the mind. 

2. Super Silver Haze

When a strain walks away with the High Times Cannabis Cup for three straight years, it’s in dynasty territory. A blend of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, Super Silver Haze creates a long-lasting high with an uplifting finish. Great if you’re managing anxiety or stress but want to stay alert and invigorated. 

3. Sweet Tangie

A throwback to Tangerine Dream, Sweet Tangie made its reputation in its native Amsterdam, but has since become one of the most sought-after sativa strains worldwide. No prizes for guessing that this too has a pleasant citrus aroma with a tangerine flourish. Look out for a gradual onset of a subtle tingling sensation building to an overwhelming sense of euphoria. 

4. Durban Poison

Coming from South Africa, this pure sativa strain is easily identifiable for its thick, sticky buds on the flower and sour aroma. But it has a dedicated following for the enhanced mental clarity and sharpness it delivers in small doses. One of the most energizing strains out there. 

5. Sour Diesel

The daytime vapers go-to, Sour Diesel has a cult following for its long-lasting high and distinctive citrus/diesel aroma. And it will, quite simply, make you feel great. It’s popular with vapers who are managing depression or stress. 

6. Green Crack

What’s not to love? Take the tropical, fruity aroma and balance it with the invigorating power of a thousand cups of coffee and you have Green Crack. It’s an old school sativa strain for getting your buzz on. You’ll also see it referred to as “Cush.” 

Final Thoughts

If you’re just beginning to familiarize yourself with sativa, these are some of the strains to seek out. But if you’re looking to elevate your experience even further, go for a cannabis product that combines strains to deliver a layered symphony of sativa’s best effects. Mistifi’s Over the Rainbow pen combines Electric Lemonade, Super Silver Haze and Sweet Tangie, which creates a balance of clarity and euphoria, keeping things tight and on point but with stress and anxiety at arm’s length. Not only does it allow you to experience the very best of each strain, but it also allows you to get a consistent high every time.


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