best munchies for sativa

15 Foods to Pair with Our Favorite Sativa Strains

Sativa terpenes lend each strain its own unique flavor and aroma profile, and like a good glass of wine, those notes deserve a solid food pairing — here’s how to elevate your muchines experience.

how to have a good high

Eight Unusual Ways to Have a Good Time while High

With cannabis offering more variety and accessibility than ever and just as many energetic highs as relaxing ones, you’ll find that the secret to how to have a good high is synonymous with how to have a good time, period.

best munchies for foodies

Five of Our Favorite Next-Level Munchies

We designed the Mistifi Pen with all the intention and complexity of a good glass of cabernet, and like your favorite vino, a thoughtful food pairing can heighten the whole experience. If you haven’t upped your munchies game since college, it’s time to meet the new-school best munchies lineup.

most beautiful places in california

The 10 Most Photogenic Views in California

Mountains, deserts, seascapes, canyons, sequoias: the only thing more majestic than the list of natural spaces in California’s wide expanse is the views themselves. Here’s where to take in the most beautiful places in California like a local.

whiskey and weed

Mixologist-Approved Whiskey and Weed Pairings

Mixing weed and alcohol isn’t just for partying. Cannabis has just as many flavor nuances as a plate of brie de Meaux, and just as that cheese pairs well with a Chilean pinot noir, a complementary whiskey pairing elevates your cannabis experience.

natural power of cannabis flower

Harnessing the Natural Power of the Cannabis Flower

With more than 400 chemical compounds identified, scientists are just beginning to unlock the natural power of the cannabis flower. Learn more about terpenoids, flavonoids, and the way they work together and alone in this article





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