what is cali sober

What Does it Mean to be Cali Sober?

by Nick Maleki

When it comes to recreational substances, you likely don’t need us to remind you of the stigma that cannabis has carried for decades. So many of us were taught growing up that smoking cannabis regularly would lead to suffering, both personally and professionally. But were the same effects discussed about alcohol? Not so much.

But as recent research and advocates in the cannabis space have brought to light, cannabis arguably has more beneficial properties as a recreational substance than alcohol does. Many flower lovers had experienced these benefits first hand, and more people began to smoke cannabis in favor of drinking alcohol in certain social gatherings. And in 2019 Vice Magazine’s Michelle Lhooq was one of the first journalists to revive a long existing term “California Sober,” and apply it to those who were skipping cocktails in favor of a smoke or an edible. And the movement is only gaining momentum today.

What is Cali Sober?

There are a couple of ways the term Cali Sober can be classified. First of all, it does not mean that the user is actually sober, it’s more of a “wellness in moderation” approach. When any new term hits the wild streets of the internet, Urban Dictionary is a sure bet to go to for a general definition. They define Cali Sober as being completely sober from alcohol and smoking cannabis recreationally instead.

Others, have a more nuanced definition, one that involves using cannabis as the primary substance and mixing in one or two servings of a lighter alcoholic beverage like a beer or hard seltzer to taste. This produces an effect that might leave one feeling under the influence of alcohol but at a fraction of the amount ingested. Either way you define it, the results are always the same: fewer hangovers, fewer calories and fewer next-day regrets.

Why is it Growing in Popularity?

There are many reasons that more people are turning to cannabis over alcohol in recreational settings, but one of heaviest hitters is that alcohol can form addictive habits that lead to more dangerous and destructive behaviors than cannabis does. These actions, unfortunately, have the capacity to completely deteriorate close relationships and isolate those from their social circles, and it happens time and time again. 

The Cali Sober way of life offers similar recreational habits but under conditions that are much more manageable for the user and arguably a lot less polarizing and destructive. 

Some might be baffled that it took until the late 2010s to reach this consensus (and it’s hardly a mass consensus), but the stigma on cannabis grows smaller and smaller with each passing day. 

How Can I Start My Cali Sober Journey?

There has never been a better time to transition into and explore the world of recreational marijuana. One of the new modern conveniences is the rise of vape pens, and when it comes to cannabis you want to be sure you’re getting the highest quality THC or CBD concentrate possible to ensure a more technically-enhanced high with the comfort of knowing the quality is safe and dependable. 

Products by Mistifi use a proprietary HiPhi extraction technology — one could liken it to a vintner blending grape varietals to craft a perfect bottle of wine — that produces pure virgin cannabis oil. The results are an experience unlike any other vape concentrate on the market. It is a tool that comes highly recommended for someone who is thinking about shifting into a Cali Sober lifestyle. 

A lifestyle that can be a sustainable anchor in moderation which helps individuals’ relaxation potential, mental wellness and a sense of calm.

Nick Maleki is a freelance writer and cannabis connoisseur based out of Los Angeles, California.


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