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How to Choose the Right Vape Pen for You

by Nick Marshall

Our ancestors could never have dreamed of consuming cannabis with a vape pen — but it’s here, and it’s great. Cannabis oil, cartridge and battery have come together in perfect harmony to create an exquisite and pleasurable vaping experience. Even die-hard flower aficionados are starting to envy the smoother, cleaner cloud a vape pen provides. Without the combustible matter, vaping cannabis is also thought to be less toxic and eliminates the need to break down and pack bud each time. 

So where to start? We take a look at the most popular rigs on the market and why we’re particularly proud of our Mistifi pen. 

What Are the Main Types of Vapes Out There?

Cannabis vape pens bring together a few simple components: battery, heating element, cartridge and mouthpiece. The battery heats a coil that brings the vape liquid, wax or herb to around 180 degrees Celsius — enough to release the natural oils, rich aromas, terpenes, cannabinoids, THC and flavonoids without combustion. 

But you wouldn’t want to pull away at a cannabis pen like a joint. Cannabis pens use THC concentrates that are roughly four times more potent than regular flower, so the trick is to savor one hit at a time. 

Look beyond the basic setup and you’ll find a range of ways to modify your cannabis vaping experience. Take any of these routes to your portable high:

Refillable vs Disposable Vapes

Mistifi’s luxury pens are disposable, meaning they are ready to enjoy at any time. There’s no charging, filling or fiddling required. Just tug on the natural sandalwood mouthpiece and let the citrus, pine, tropical or floral notes flow. 

But if you want to play around with different liquids and flavors, choose a refillable and rechargeable unit. Most cannabis vape pens use 510 thread which allows you to swap batteries and cartridges seamlessly. 

Button vs Draw Activated

We set up our pen to supply just the right amount of power to heat our Extra Virgin Cannabis oil to the sweet spot. All you have to do is draw and the Golden Ratio of pure natural compounds will follow. Plus, with no button to press, you can’t accidentally fire up the rig in your pocket or bag. You’ll also find disposable and rechargeable pens that allow you to heat the coil and even adjust the voltage with a button. 

Adjustable Voltage 

More viscous liquids need more voltage through the coil to heat the oil and generate a substantial cloud. With great power comes great responsibility, however. Overheat a coil or match high voltage with the wrong liquid and you’ll burn out a coil and it will taste foul. In many pens, you’ll also be burning off all-important terpenes. Thanks to our unique Hi-Phi extraction method, the experience is turned up to eleven from the first draw and the voltage is fine-tuned to release everything you’d want from flower. 

These options cover what’s “under the hood” but most of us are here for the ride. If you want to enjoy the full-flower experience of your favorite cannabis strains, we recommend these options….

Dab Rig or Pen

If you don’t want to give up your bong, a dab rig will allow you to heat dry herb, wax or dab over a dab nail. But it’s not exactly portable discreet — you’ll need a blow torch to fire up the dab nail. On the flip side, you’re in complete control of your temperature and choice of concentrate or bud. 

A more portable option is the dab pen, which swaps the blow torch with a battery-powered coil or heating column. Simply apply a smudge of wax or shatter onto the coil, screw it together and press the button. The tiny ceramic oven inside releases the compounds without combustion. We like the portability and readiness a dab pen offers, but we could live without the fiddling required with a dab tool to place the wax on the coil. 

Cannabis Oil Pens

This method will be instantly familiar to e-cigarette users. All you have to do is pour your chosen sativa, indica or CBD concentrate into the cartridge and heat it through the coil. It’s the basis behind our pen, but with a big difference: We raised the bar at every stage to create a unique flower vaping experience. Thanks to our Hi-Phi extraction process, you’re drawing on pure, natural compounds and authentic aromas.  

A lot of cannabis oils on the market use glycol-based thinning agents to reduce viscosity, which doesn’t always balance with the voltage you’re putting through the coil. Too low and you’re not heating the oil sufficiently to release the full range of active compounds; too high and you’ll burn out your coil. 

The other main concern is that the lower-quality oils focus heavily on THC at the expense of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Some even add back terpenes to the oil, but if you’re starting with a low-grade trim as your source, the end result will be underwhelming. To get the full entourage effect and a consistent experience, you need to stay as close as possible to the original flower. 

Why the Mistifi Pen is Different

We’ve put years of R&D into our pen so that you don’t have to experiment. We start with the finest Extra Virgin Cannabis oil that is tuned-in to the voltage supply to give just the right amount of heat to release the vapor without compromising the taste or experience. 

Just draw on the pen to activate, and you’ll get a smooth airflow at a cool temperature with a pleasant mouthfeel. No tinkering, no tweaking required. And thanks to our Hi-Phi extraction method and unique blending process, each one of the 200 hits in every pen delivers the perfect balance of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids, naturally extracted and expertly blended to create a consistent vaping experience. 

We know which pen we stand by, but the one that works best for you will depend on the experience you’re trying to evoke. Have fun, play around and see what hits the spot. Happy vaping!





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