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In a world of cannabis extraction processes, Hi-Phi™ stands apart as something exceptional. Other extraction processes make bold claims, but the science and technology behind Hi-Phi™ Extraction Technology is unrivaled. Why is Hi-Phi™ important when it comes to achieving the purest, flower vaping experience? Here’s why…

Hi-Phi™ – The Golden Ratio
The exact proportion of compounds such as THC and the many terpenes found in cannabis are critical to the unique identity, flavor, and the full-spectrum effect of the flower. The purity, flavor, aroma, and powerful experience of the oil are all due to the exact proportions of a flowers ratios, just as nature intended.

If an extraction process produces the slightest change in these ratios, it will dramatically alter the profile, flavor, and effect of the oil. Let’s take a look at a comparison of the most used extraction processes and how Hi-Phi™ measures up.

Hi-Phi™ Pure Nature logo Cannabis Flower Wrapped in Oil
Graphical Interpretation of Hi-Phi Extraction
Pure Nature

This is where we begin, the unaltered flower as nature intended. Perfectly balanced for full flavor, aroma, and a powerful experience.

Graphical Interpretation of CO2 Extraction
The circles above represent ratios of compounds.

Most CO2 extraction processes use high temperatures which captures THC, but burns off terpenes, which then need to be artificially added back from other sources.

Graphical Interpretation of LiveResin
Only a slight variance has a huge adverse effect.
Live Resin

Live Resin uses butane like a sledgehammer to extract absolutely everything from the flower including undesirable compounds such as chlorophyll. This also alters the original ratio of terpenes, as each compound dissolves at different rates. It only takes a slight variance to have a huge adverse effect.

Graphical Interpretation of Hi-Phi Extraction
When all cirlces align, the Golden Ratio is revealed.

Hi-Phi™ fine-tunes low temperature and high pressure to preserve the exact ratio of THC, terpenes, and all other desirable compounds found in the native flower. No other extraction process maintains the Golden Ratio found in flower – until Hi-Phi™.

If the purest, natural flower vaping experience is important to you, then Mistifi™ is the premium vape choice, above the rest. With Hi-Phi™, we capture the wondrous power of nature in an unrivaled vape experience. It’s pure nature exclusively by Mistifi™. The science of preserving nature is finally here.

Where can you buy MISTIFI? It’s currently available in California! Click here to find a store near you.


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