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The Surprising Science and Deep Beauty (Really) Of Couch Lock

by Kasey Donovan

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’re likely all too familiar with the “couch-lock effect” that comes with certain cannabis strains. This colloquial term describes an intense sensation of physical sedation, which may lead to laying on the couch for hours on end — along with scrolling through social media, eating an entire family-size bag of chips or dozing off while binge-watching a show. We’ve all been there!

Couch lock has a reputation as something to avoid or counteract. However, as you become familiar with strains and methods of cannabis consumption, you may come to desire this relaxing sensation, depending on your circumstances and goals. Consuming cannabis eventually becomes a purposeful act in order to achieve a specific outcome. For example, you may find yourself reaching for an indica strain when you want to relax and a sativa strain when you want to boost your mood throughout the day.

Here at Mistifi, some of our favorite strains may result in couch lock thanks to sedative terpenes. Keep reading for a scientific dive into couch lock and how you can enjoy its relaxing effects to the fullest.

The Science Behind Couch Lock

Contrary to popular belief, a strain’s effects are not quite as simple as “indica vs. sativa.” While these labels can sometimes be a guiding point, the terpene profile of a specific strain is a more accurate determinant.

Terpenes are chemical compounds that cause a plant to smell or taste a certain way. You can find terpenes in a variety of plants and herbs, including cannabis. They serve as the foundation for essential oils and aromatherapies, which can impact your mood.

When your goal is to relax, we recommend looking for strains that contain a high concentration of the terpene myrcene. According to a study published in July 2021, “[S]trains which contain high concentrations of myrcene…are likely to induce sedative qualities.” Conversely, strains low in myrcene tend to provide a more energetic euphoria, according to the research. 

Common Couch-Lock Strains

Now that we know the main culprit of couch-lock effects, here are our favorite strains for deep relaxation:  

  • Blueberry Bomb: An indica-dominant hybrid containing sedative terpenes myrcene and linalool. Known for its fruity and sour taste, strong body high and an uplifting euphoria.
  • Herijuana: Also known as “Herojuana,” this indica-dominant strain is full of myrcene. Consumers report heavy and numbing sensations. 
  • Houdini blend: Our very own blend of three couch-lock strains, including the aforementioned Herijuana and Blueberry Bomb, along with Max OG. You can enjoy the Houdini blend in our premium cured resin vape pen.

When in doubt, look for myrcene-dominant strains!

Couch-Lock Adjacent Activities

One reason why couch lock gets a bad reputation is because it is often associated with laziness and unproductiveness. Here at Mistifi, we know that cannabis connoisseurs are much more than lethargic loafers; we are productive and functional members of society who happen to utilize specific strains and products for our desired experiences. 

There are so many more things you can do with sedative strains than lounge around and pass out. Here are a few of our favorite ways to indulge in the couch-lock effect:

  • Stargaze: Lay down a blanket, play some instrumental music and bask in the infinite beauty of our universe.  
  • Read a book: Dive into a fantastical work of fiction or an introspective self-help book to open your mind to new heights. (Need some inspiration? Take a look at our list of the best books to read while high.)
  • Do yoga or meditate: Sedative strains can help you get in touch with your body and practice mindfulness.
  • Take care of houseplants: Water your plants, re-pot them or add some nutrients to the soil. Don’t have any plants? Stop into your local nursery and pick some up! Plant care is a soothing hobby.  
  • Write: Whether you are into creative writing or journaling for mental health reasons, a calming cannabis strain can help get those juices flowing.  

For the record — we’re not going to judge anyone who relaxes with cannabis to watch their favorite show. We all need to calm down and enjoy some distractions.

The more experience you have with cannabis, the better you will be able to enjoy particular strains and their effects. Try one of our extra virgin cannabis oil vape pens at a California store near you to expand your cannabis knowledge.

Kasey Donovan is a copywriting and SEO specialist, music lover and cannabis enthusiast. In his free time he’s having fun with his son Atticus, wife Jesse and two corgi-mixes Zira and Ellie.


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