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8 Elegant Ways to Include Weed in Your Wedding Celebration

by Dan Ketchum

Think back on the highlights of your life, the moments that brought you here, and the moments that will bring you to alter. There’s a good chance that on many of those occasions, cannabis was there, enhancing the experience and elevating every emotion you felt. 

As a reflection of what really matters to you and your partner, your wedding should celebrate your 420-friendly lifestyle – as long as you’re making merry where it’s legal, these curated weed wedding ideas will help you find the place where elevation meets aesthetics.

Weed Wedding Bouquet

Make Greener Arrangements

A big part of most wedding planning headspace goes to the floral arrangements, an area that offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate your favorite leaf. Wedding Favors Unlimited recommends working with your florist to incorporate cannabis leaves into arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, or tablescapes for an earthy atmosphere.

Weed Wedding Lighting
Wedding Chicks

Make It Symbolic

Lots of weddings feature a toast or a cake-themed breaking of bread as one of the many symbols of unity sprinkled throughout the event. A strong symbol, though, must have deep meaning for those participating, and that should make sharing a smoke rather than a drink worthy of consideration. As Cannabis Wedding Expo president Philip Wolf says to Westword, “Indigenous cultures, for thousands of years, have always united spirit over smoke […] because that represented a unification of spirit.” 

Do your research to find a cannabis ceremony that is meaningful to you and your partner. One simple way to do this is to swap a champagne toast for a hit of a luxe Mistifi pen.


Embrace Canna-Couture 

Designers from Etsy artisans to runway staples to local makers like Yana Dee’s ethical apparel offer hemp-made wedding dresses that empower you to celebrate your passion in subtle, timeless style. For more masculine options, De Ionescu’s 100-percent pure hemp ties feature gorgeous natural textures and come in enough color varieties to suit a groom or their groomsmen.

Wedding Chicks

Hire a Budtender

Your friends and family love you, but they’ll love you even more if you offer an open bar at your wedding. Even better, add a budtender (or even a Ganjier) to the proceedings. Just like at the dispensary, a good budtender not only doles out cannabis treats, they help educate and guide guests based on their comfort levels and desired experiences. Alternatively, kit out your traditional bar with cannabis-infused cocktails, wines, beers, or non-alcoholic CBD beverages.


Curate a Space

One of the most powerful things about weddings is that they bring all the different sorts of people in your lives together under one symbolic roof – and in some cases, it may be important to remember that not all of those people are 420 friendly. It’s in the spirit of consuming cannabis to ease tension, so consider creating a decked-out lounge area for the cannabis enthusiasts in attendance. The beauty here is that it doubles as a space where the happy couple can mingle more intimately while enjoying sweet relief from wedding stresses, uncomfortable dresses, and too-tight shoes.


Infuse the Food

Just about every dish, from the blackened salmon to the vegetarian green curry to the summer-fresh tarts, can be infused with cannabis. More than that, cannabis itself can be paired with wines, whiskeys, and plates big and small in thoughtful ways based on terpene flavor profiles, lending your wedding mini wine tasting vibes. For the ultimate weed wedding centerpiece, commission a THC-infused wedding cake – flavors like carrot and red velvet go particularly well with mossier terps while vanilla or strawberry cakes accent citrus tones.


Do Your Guests a Favor

Not only can cannabis party favors enhance the celebratory mood, the right selection – whether it be a beautifully wrapped pre-roll, tastefully presented nugs, a potted live plant, or a decorative tin of edibles – can be truly gift-worthy for guests, bridesmaids or groomsmen. We recommend the carved wood beauty of an Over the Rainbow pen, with a sativa blend that heightens joyful emotions.


Celebrate Your Growth

Speaking to Bridal Musings, Kendall Watkins and Annette Mia Flores of High Herstory get to the heart of it: “Cannabis consumers know its power to amplify an atmosphere of love and union.” The throwing of rice is another way to indicate that love and union while symbolizing a life full of fruitfulness and growth. Make your exit to the honeymoon a little more personal by giving guests satchels of hemp seed to throw instead. Those seeds might just thrive, grow and prosper wherever they happen to fall – just like you and your partner. 

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as FOCL, Vitagenne, Livestrong, Reign Together, Out East Rosé, SFGate, The Seattle Times, and more.


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