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Does Weed Have Calories? Answers to Top Questions About Weed

by Deb Powers

We get it. You’ve got questions about weed but you’re a little embarrassed to ask. Maybe you’re afraid of looking uncool because everyone else seems to know the answer. Maybe you think it’s a weird question because you’ve never heard anyone else ask it. 

But, whether you’re wondering if your dentist can tell you smoke weed or “does weed have calories?”, you’re not the only one who’s ever asked it. Even the most experienced canna connoisseurs can be shy about asking questions — they think they should already know. Here are some real answers to some of the most common “weird” questions people ask about weed.

Q: Does Weed Have Calories?

A: Not if you’re inhaling it.

This is a trickier question than you think at first glance because the answer depends on exactly what you’re doing with your weed. The short answer is “of course!” Cannabis is an edible plant (eating raw cannabis is part of a growing trend), and if you’re eating raw leaves and buds, you’re going to take in some calories. 

That’s probably not what you’re wondering, though. First, if you inhale cannabis, you’re not taking in any calories, and that’s true whether you’re smoking or enjoying one of our unique triple-strain vape blends. If, on the other hand, you’re ingesting your cannabis in the form of an edible or a tincture, you’ll have to include all the ingredients to get an accurate calorie count. You can find some calorie counts at the My Fitness Pal website.

Q: Can You Donate Blood If You Use Weed?

A: Yes.

Yes, according to the American Red Cross, however, they won’t draw your blood if your “use of cannabis impairs your memory or comprehension.” That’s a long way of saying you can’t give if you’re high at your appointment. They also won’t ever test your blood for the presence of THC, if that’s what you’re worried about. Finally, this only applies to natural cannabis. If you use synthetic cannabis products, they may turn down your donation. 

Q: Can I Test Positive for THC If I Got a Blood Transfusion from Someone Who Uses Cannabis?

A: No. 

If you’re thinking about using that as an excuse for your next drug test, sorry. The Red Cross also states that a transfusion recipient will not fail a drug test even if the donor is a daily smoker.

Q: Is Contact High a Real Thing? 

A: Yes, contact highs are real.

While it may sound like an urban legend, getting high on secondhand cannabis smoke is a thing that can happen, under some conditions. In a 2015 study, researchers basically hotboxed some non-smokers in a room with smokers for an hour, and then tested their blood. They found that non-smokers exposed to secondhand cannabis smoke in a small, unventilated room felt some of the effects of the weed without smoking it themselves. Furthermore, their blood and urine also tested positive in drug tests. When they repeated the experiment in a well-ventilated room, the non-smokers didn’t get high or fail the drug tests. 

The takeaway? You likely don’t need to worry about contact high if you’re smoking or vaping outside or in most indoor settings (like your home or apartment). But if you’re hotboxing your car, contact high can definitely happen.

Q: Can a Dentist Tell You Smoke Weed?

A: Not really, but you might want to tell your dentist if you do.

This question has been floating around the headlines for a while, and picked up steam after  Men’s Health ran an article titled “How Your Dentist Can Tell If You Smoke Weed,” and picked it up with the headline “Yes, Your Dentist Can Tell You That You Smoke Weed.” Dentists, however, tell a different story, with one dental office website flatly stating they can’t tell “unless you smoke right before you come into the office.” 

That said, there are some good reasons your dentist might ask if you smoke weed. Smoking — either weed or tobacco — can have negative effects on your oral health. Stained teeth, swollen gums, and tooth decay have all been associated with smoking weed. The American Dental Association notes that THC inhibits saliva production. (Which is why you get cotton-mouth when you smoke!) Saliva helps protect your teeth and gums by slowing down harmful bacteria, which obviously can affect your oral health. If your dentist knows that you smoke weed, they can be on the lookout for conditions that are more prevalent among smokers and may be able to give you tips and advice on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Q: What Should I Do If My Dog Eats My Weed? 

A: If your pet ingests cannabis, or you see symptoms of marijuana intoxication, call your vet immediately for advice on what to do.

If you suspect — or know — that your dog (or cat) got into your weed stash, call a vet, and be completely honest with them. If it makes you feel any better, yours is probably not the first pet your vet has seen with this problem. According to the American Kennel Club, the incidences of pets ingesting marijuana have exploded as more and more states allow the sales of recreational cannabis. 

The AKC also notes that it’s especially important to talk to your vet if your dog has gotten into your edibles. While marijuana toxicity is seldom fatal to dogs, many edibles contain ingredients like chocolate and Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which are also toxic to dogs. That’s why your vet needs to know as many details about what your dog ingested as possible.

If you use any form of cannabis regularly and live with pets, learn the symptoms of marijuana intoxication in animals. They include: 

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Dilated pupils
  • Stumbling
  • Shaking
  • Agitation
  • Urinary incontinence 

You should also take care to store your cannabis properly. Keeping your stash in a dry, dark place (like a cabinet or dedicated humidor-style box) will not only ensure your flower stays fresh for as long as possible, but should also help keep it safe from your pets. 

Q: How Will Smoking Weed Affect My Sex Life?

A: It depends!

Since getting high together is a common way to relax, lower inhibitions, and increase intimacy, it’s not surprising that so many people have questions about how cannabis will affect their sex lives. Guys want to know if smoking too much weed can cause erectile dysfunction. Women wonder if it will increase their arousal. 

Some researchers at the University of British Columbia wondered about that, too, so they decided to ask people about their experiences with weed and sex. What they got in response was a pretty handy list of the pros and cons of mixing weed and intimate relations:


  • Cannabis helped them relax
  • It made them more sensitive to touch
  • It increased the intensity of feelings


  • It sometimes made them too sleepy or less focused

Q: Which Strains of Cannabis Are Best for Sex?

A: Tailor your choice to the qualities you want to enhance.

This is a question budtenders hear often, along with other “Which strain of cannabis is best for…?” questions. Let’s start by saying that there really isn’t a single “sex strain” of cannabis, as the answer depends on what you need to get you into the right mood right now. In other words, think about what makes sex good for you, and choose strains that help you get there. 

If you’re feeling anxious and uncomfortable, consider hitting a Mistifi Houdini vape pen, a delicious Indica blend with powerful calming and relaxing effects. Sativa strains, like the ones in our Over the Rainbow blend, can enhance your creativity and energy when you’re looking for a little extra spark between the sheets. In other words, think about the experience you want and tailor your cannabis choice to enhance those qualities.

Q: Does Holding in Smoke Make You Higher?

A: Nope. Don’t bother trying to hold that hit in for more than five seconds or so, because that’s where all the action is.

You may have heard this common stoner wisdom, and even thought you’ve proved it for yourself. Alas, according to Jared Leighty of Weedmaps, it’s an old wives’ tale. As he explained to MEL Magazine, studies show that your lungs absorb 95% of the THC in the smoke in the first 4 to 5 seconds after you inhale. After that, your lungs don’t have the capacity to hold any more. Whether you hold the smoke for 5 seconds or 30, you’re not going to get any more THC out of it. You may feel higher, but all you’re really feeling is lightheaded.

If you’re looking to intensify your high, here are 8 tried-and-true ways to get higher.

Final Thoughts

The one thing any experienced budtender will tell you is that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so don’t be embarrassed to ask. Finding the real answers to your burning questions about weed can help ease your mind about worries, and point you in the direction of exactly the kind of experience you most want. 


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