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How to Perfect Your Wake & Bake Routine

by Cyrus Grant

Having the right morning routine is the key to starting your day right. Your perfect routine is likely going to be different from the next person’s — but everyone can agree that there’s nothing quite like easing into your day just a little bit high. While everyone’s routine is likely to be a bit different, we’re here today to help the wake and bakers round out the rest of their morning and get a leg up on the day.

Incorporating cannabis into your morning routine sounds pretty easy (it is!), but there’s a way to do it right. So how do you create a wake and bake routine that leaves you feeling recharged, inspired, and ready to take in the wonder of your day? 

Set your alarm clock, get your Mistifi pen ready to go on your nightstand, and read on so you can start tomorrow (and every day) right.

How to Wake and Bake the Right Way

Before we get into designing a grounding morning routine that includes cannabis, let’s start with how to wake and bake properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when smoking in the morning.

Pick an Energizing Strain

You’ll want to make sure you know which strains give you a boost, or else you’ll end up right back asleep. Our go-to is the Mistifi Over the Rainbow blend. This vape pen is the perfect morning pick, as it is made up of a sativa triple-strain blend that helps with mental clarity and awareness. It’s sure to give you a euphoric high, while also getting your mind prepped for the day.

And since it’s a vape pen, it’s ready to rock straight out of the box. No need to roll up or pack anything in. Just get your head off the pillow and you’re ready to go.

Consider What You Need to Get Done That Day 

Some days require more intense concentration than others. So if you know your day is headed in that direction, think about going lighter on your morning dose. On the flip-side, let loose on those days that aren’t going to be too demanding!

This comes down to knowing yourself, and deciding how much you can smoke and still make it through your day, whatever that entails.

Enhance Your Wake and Bake 

Weed probably isn’t the only thing that helps get your blood flowing in the morning, so, pair your wake and bake with something else you enjoy. Turn on some tunes, roll out the yoga mat, or just open a window and take in the morning air. Whatever it is you enjoy, add it alongside your morning toke to make the most of your high.

Consider the Pros and Cons 

As with most things, there are pros and cons to consider before going full send with a wake and bake. 

Some pros:

  • Instant mood boost. Not only does it give you something to look forward to first thing in the morning, but it’s a surefire way to get the good vibes rolling in straight away.
  • Breakfast gets that much better. Whether breakfast is your favorite meal or just another mundane necessity in your day, getting high makes everything taste better. So, your wake and bake routine will make that bowl of cereal or plate of pancakes hit the spot just a little more than usual.
  • The right strain can help boost you through your morning routine. We talked about this already, but finding the right strain (likely sativa) can be a serious pro when it comes to a wake and bake, especially if you’re trying to cut back on any caffeine habit.
  • Smoking in the morning can produce more intense effects. While the research is still light, it’s believed that smoking in the morning can produce more potent effects.
  • Potentially help ease morning stiffness. It’s a simple fact of life that bodies don’t always cooperate in the morning. Whether you slept on one side too long, or your back just likes to give you trouble in the mornings, cannabis can potentially help dull some of those aches. Be careful though, strains that really target the body might just put you back in dreamland.

Potential cons:

  • Getting high later in the day can become less enjoyable. If you plan on smoking more times than just your wake and bake, odds are it won’t live up to your morning high. That’s not to say getting high later in the day won’t be enjoyable, but if you prefer a stronger high at the end of your day to really help you kick back and let the struggles of the day melt away, you might want to skip the morning smoke session.
  • Can lead you to get tired or sleepy early in the day. The relaxing properties of cannabis hit some of us harder than others (regardless of what strain you smoke!). If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to consider the fact that smoking in the morning might stall your day before it even begins.
  • Potentially distract from your day and lower productivity. Like the point right above, some people might have a hard time accomplishing certain tasks while high. This is why every successful wake and bake routine involves knowing what you need to do that day, and a solid understanding of your tolerance levels.
  • Can lead to increased tolerance. While plenty of people like to get high on any given day, doing it habitually could boost your tolerance levels. You may eventually find yourself needing to take a tolerance break to be better able to feel the effects of your wake and bake routine.

Remember, these pros and cons aren’t written in stone rules, just things to consider, since the whole point of adding a wake and bake to your morning routine is to help build your ideal day.

Plan Your Other Essential Morning Steps

While a nice wake and bake might be the star of your morning show, there are still other steps you can layer on to formulate your perfect routine. This section will consist of some of the best things you can add to every morning (on top of your wake and bake), so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Set Your Alarm Clock for the Same Time Every Day

Many of us hate nothing more than the sound of our alarm chirping away, telling us it’s time to open our eyes and get out of the comfort of our bed. But, it’s been shown that doing this (without hitting the snooze button) can stabilize our circadian rhythm, increasing our productivity and in turn improving our nightly sleep. 

This is where adding a wake and bake to your routine can really help. It’s much easier to get up when you have something — like a hit of your Mistifi pen — to look forward to..

Drink Water

This one seems super simple, and it honestly is. Drinking at least eight ounces of water in the morning is a great way to get your body going. Plus, you’ll probably need something to drink after smoking, so it’s a win-win.

Create a Morning Excercise Schedule (Mental and Physical)

Simply getting out of bed can often feel like an exercise of sheer willpower, but adding some actual exercises can help ease the mental and physical burdens of waking up. One of the best things you can do is incorporate meditation into your morning. It’s been shown that meditating can trigger the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins, increasing positive emotions and helping combat anxiety. Pair this with your morning smoke, and you’ll be floating on a cloud to start the day.

Once you get your mind headed in the right direction, adding physical activity is a must. Not only does working out increase hormones that make you feel happier, it’s also one of the best things you can do for your holistic health regimen. It’ll start as a hassle, but soon you’ll be up and roaring every morning. For some wake-and-bake friendly exercises, try yoga, going on a short hike, or hitting the waves for a morning surf session.

Get Some Breakfast in You

Getting nutrients is an essential part of, well, living. In our fast-paced environments, breakfast can often feel like a hassle, but it’s important we make time to eat something. This is another area where a wake and bake can help your morning routine. Once you’re high, breakfast is a treat rather than a chore.

Make a To-Do List

One of the best things you can do to ensure productivity in your day is to create a realistic to-do list every morning. Prioritize the important things, and remember to keep things realistic so as not to overwhelm and discourage yourself!

Final Thoughts

Having a morning routine is one of the best things you can do for your overall wellness. It turns out, throwing in a wake and bake session can be the little extra help you need to push through and round out your mornings into the perfect start for every day.

Let us know your best morning routine tips, and check out Mistifi for your morning, day, and night cannabis needs!

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