how to take yourself on a date

8 Ways to Take Yourself on a Date, Because You Deserve It

by Dan Ketchum

Right out of the gate, cannabis is self-care. But it’s important to note that self-care takes a whole lot of forms — from food to hygiene, according to the WHO itself — and is pretty broad in its application; at the end of the day, it’s all about taking the time, the space and the energy that you often give to others and reflecting it back on you. That might involve a nap, a toke or a journey up a mountain, but if you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to take yourself on a date, we’ve got you covered (bonus: These ideas work just fine if you’re partnered, too).

1. Hike ‘n Picnic

You know the Mistifi crew loves a good hike (especially one with a majestic photo op), but for all their Instagram-iblity and deep conversational potential, it’s easy to forget that a simple stroll through the trees or a grand mountaintop adventure presents the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. Take in that fresh air, let that exercise-generated dopamine fill up your brain, stop to smell all the flowers and don’t forget to pack a lunch for a munchies-friendly picnic menu curated by your personal chef (hint: It’s you). 

If you’re on the West Coast, take Lonely Planet’s advice and check out Half Dome Trail near Yosemite, Lake Tahoe’s Rubicon Trail or the triple-crown thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

fun things to do by yourself take a class

2. Take a Class

Using cannabis and taking care of yourself have a lot in common: Chiefly, they help us make better versions of ourselves. Classes may be a group activity, but they put the onus on self-improvement while exposing you to all-new people and all-new ideas. Learning doesn’t stop when you take off the cap and gown — as Discover Los Angeles points out, you can learn to surf, swing on a trapeze, ride a horse, paint a masterpiece or even breakdance in LA alone.  

3. Get a Really Good Haircut

Real talk: Some of the most fun things to do by yourself are the simplest things you can possibly do. It’s easy to make a haircut just another item on your to-do list, but not this time — treat yourself with a barber or salon that includes perks like a neck shave, a splash of cologne, a little massage or even a beverage. If you want to go big, expand that haircut into a full-on spa day. You’ve earned it.

4. Be Mindful

Sometimes, the key to how to take yourself on a date lies in quietude, so pack some good indica to properly prepare your headspace and sign yourself up for a day-long meditation retreat. Healthline reports that research-backed benefits of meditation include reduced feelings of stress, increased self-awareness, lowered blood pressure, better sleep and more. And we report that meditation just makes you feel really good. 

fun things to do by yourself wine tasting

5. Try a Little Wine

As “Thursday Infused” host and The Herb Somm founder Jamie Evans tells Wine Enthusiast, “Cannabis is just as complex as wine. There are a lot of similarities in the aromas and the flavors of cannabis and wine.” This is why you’re liable to see more curated wine and marijuana pairings pop up nowadays, but don’t hesitate to curate those pairings yourself with a pre-game and a tasting tour (whiskey works too, if that’s more your style).

6. Focus on the Music

Going solo to a concert may not top very many “fun things to do by yourself” lists, but we’re here to remind you that it’s a wholly underrated experience. With no distractions and a headspace that’s entirely your own, live music takes on a personal quality that, at times, borders on the spiritual. THC-CBD blends can help you stay present while elevating the sensory experience.  

7. Absorb an Indie

Similarly, the stag moviegoing experience doesn’t get enough lip service, which is strange when you think about it. While we’ve long made the act of sitting in the dark in silence for two hours a group activity, there’s a whole lot to be said for shutting down your phone, taking in the work as a singular activity and processing it all with a nice, long walk afterward. There’s a good reason that cineastes from Jordan Peele to Ilana Glazer to Charlize Theron are vocal cannabis enthusiasts. 

8. Support (Local) Artists

Wherever you live, there is absolutely an art scene. Whether you are swimming in the art culture of a metropolitan city or have to do a bit of digging to find hometown activities, the pleasure of absorbing art is essential to our humanity — so treat yourself to a little reminder of that. Curate the experience and heighten the senses with our Over the Rainbow triple-strain sativa blend, then seek out a museum or use a free resource like to find craft fairs in your area.

Dan Ketchum is an LA-based freelance lifestyle, fashion, health and food writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as FOCL, Vitagenne, Livestrong, Reign Together, Out East Rosé, SFGate, the Seattle Times and more.


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